Women in Residence Programme (Shelter)

Shelter Programme

This programme offers immediate protection, safety and support to women and children at imminent risk. In addition, services are provided through a multidisciplinary team that includes counsellors, social workers, psychologists, lawyers and social workers.

Capacity for 13 families.


Children's Programme

This programme is aimed at working with the children of participants in the Residential Programme and Rapid Re-Housing Programme. Intervention with the children is done through the use of dynamics, socio-educational workshops, arts and crafts, music and outdoor activities. It also provides them with crisis intervention, psychological services, tutoring and care.

Rapid Re-Housing Programme

This programme is aimed at rapid housing placement for homeless women and heads of households. They are provided with counselling and psychological support services, housing for a period of 6 months to 2 years, individual, educational and occupational counselling. Capacity for 10 families.

Outpatient Programme (Ponce and Aguadilla)

Non-Residential Programmes

Available in Ponce and Aguadilla

Legal guidance and counselling

Legal advisory services

Agency referrals

Psychological services

Group therapies

Educational talks

Permanent Housing Programme

Housing Integrating Self-Management Programme (VIA)

Provides permanent housing for homeless women, heads of households or survivors of gender-based violence with some form of functional diversity together with their children. Capacity for 17 families.

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